The known to the unknown.

So here we are, stepping over the threshold from the known to the unknown. We are about to board the small plane for the flight into Lukla, the gateway to the Himalayas, and start our adventure.

The team arrive in Kathmandu

Joseph Campbell, the American Psychologist, (whose research into mythological stories inspired George Lucas in his creation of the Star Wars movies) identified the stages involved during a mythical ‘hero’s journey’. Campbell’s model is a great metaphor not only for the basis of blockbusters but also for adventurous journeys.


None of the team on Mission Himalaya will appreciate me labelling them as Heroes (!) but we can all be the hero within our own story. We have been living within our comfort zone, in our known and familiar surroundings, but have all had that yearning for adventure. Answering the call to adventure TRBL and the BattleBack team have provided the ‘supernatural aid’ with this incredible opportunity for the Mera Peak exped.

TRBL training weekend

We will all have had to pass our ‘threshold guardians’ and this can represent anything that may have been a barrier to our inclusion on the journey. For me I have been my own biggest threshold guardian, feeling a significant need to remain in my comfort zone with my young family, but I am grateful that with the support from my ‘mentors and helpers’ I have taken the leap.

Stepping into the unknown

Now we are set to embark on our journey proper and embrace the challenges ahead. The team are feeling strong and the sense of purpose is clear. We have laid the foundations to allow space for our own ‘revelations’ and potentially transformational adventure.

With high hopes that we can summit Mera on Remembrance Sunday and return via the Amphu Labtsa Pass and Everest trail. We can all look forward to returning with our own personal ‘gifts of the goddess’ and most importantly a new Dit to spin back in the old known world.

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